Super-freaking-awesome Testing (AKA: Unit Testing). A practical demonstration

Graham Weldon

on Friday, 26 November 2010 11:30 - 12:00 in room Room 2

Unit Testing enables developers to confirm the operation of code and to track down code issues quickly and easily. Graham is a PHP developer of 10 years and has come across his fair share of obscure errors, unknown issues and impossible to predict consequences of requirements change. He'll not only demonstrate a practical example of Unit testing for developers, but show how using a Test Driven Development approach can and will increase developer and company productivity. This is a fun and informative session that demonstrates how easy unit testing is, and how you are wasting money if you are not using unit testing.

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Graham Weldon


A PHP developer of 10 years, and a core contributor of the CakePHP framework, Graham comes from a Software Engineering background and is passionate about open source software, application development with PHP and community building in the open source environment.